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tuin man
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Default Found an old nazi bomb in my garden !

"Pablo Rena" wrote in message
What can I do now ?

I think this bomb is very evil and will nuke the whole neighbourhood !

Help !

It might depend on precisely at what moment you realised what you have
From experience, I first thought it was just some sort of old conduit.
Previously, in same small hole I had unearthed a decaying child's toy, a
mothly looking lady's scarf and the remains of a shoe.
Assuming the pipe type thing might be still in operation, though not where
such a service should be, I dug around carefully so as not to damage it. On
seeing it was not attached to anything i.e. part of a continuous pipe, I
pulled it out of the ground. It was at that stage, upon seeing the fins
towards the end of the big chunk of bolt that ran through into the cylinder
shaped container, that i realised what I was holding.
A bit late!
I froze, fearing that any sort of movement would set it off.... so.. if I
tried to lob it into Hampstead Heath, the effort to do so might set it off.
Then again, the new air might do the trick in any case.
Then I noticed a small hole and could see some sort of powder inside. It
looked like fine dried worm casts. So, I ever so gently tilted the whole
thing to let the powder flow out of the hole. Once done, I threw it aside.
When the owner of the garden turned up, all he said was "Oh! Another one"