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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

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paghat wrote:

Four cases in Great Britain were not traceable to any meat eaten, but all
four were inveterate gardeners who used bonemeal. It is believed they
inhaled the initial prion infection while spreading bone meal in their

No doubt *all four* of them also drank water, breathed air, and wore

Your usual netkook thinking at work again. Someone could jump off a cliff
& break his spine & cave in his skull, & if it were profitable to convince
others to break their spines & skulls, you'd tell 'em the headlong leap
was harmless, because all the injured parties were actually maimed &
killed because they breathed air & drank water water & wore clothes.
Somehow I suspect holding their breath, going thirsty, & being naked all
the time, wouldn't change the course of a dease, the cause of which is
well established.

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