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Bill Oliver
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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

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In fact, a 1996 estimate is a good place to start, since
the risk has gone down since then.

The risk of eating BSE-infected beef in Britain, has gone down since
then. That is not the same as saying, that the incidence of nv CJD
infection will decrease, because a) virtually all the meat-eating
population of the UK was exposed to BSE for at least a decade and B) we
still don't know the incubation period, or what other factors activate a
dormant infection.

Here's a homework assignment for you. There is good evidence
to believe that most people (who are not Japanese) are simply
immune to vCJD. *One hundred percent* of people who have
acquired vCJD have one specific thing in common, which is
found in only 37% of Caucasians (and, alas, in 95% of

What is it? How does that fit into your calculations of