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Bill Oliver
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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

In article ,
Ermalina wrote:
Bill Oliver wrote:


Ignore the freaking ideologue.

And, interestingly enough, not one single statement in it contradicts
anything I have written, though it *does* contradict much of what you
have claimed -- including your ludicrous doubly false claim that
studies involving CJD are irrelevant because vCJD is not related.

It notes that not one case of transmission of CJD by blood has been
validated. It notes that there has not been an increase in CJD cases
in the face of increasing use of blood products. It notes that case
controlled studies have failed to show a connection between blood
transfusion and CJD. Note particularly the table on page 113.

Note the lookback studies on page 114, as well as the studies on what
one would expect to be high risk patients such as hemophiliacs (again
page 114).

Perhaps you should read these things before you refer to them. You
wouldn't look so silly. Indeed. Ignore the freaking ideologue.
The one running around claiming the sky is falling.