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Default Bone/ Blood Meal and Mad Cow Disease

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Oliver) wrote:

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paghat wrote:
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Oliver) wrote:

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Tom Jaszewski X-No-Archive: yes wrote:

[old, old post of mine to another group deleted]

It's nice to know that people spend hours and hours
reading through my old posts from years ago. And
it's good to know that what I write holds up
over time.

But really, Tom, pull up your pants and wash your
hands. You really shouldn't be doing that kind of
thing in public.

Your obsession is flattering in some ways, but
you really are getting kinda creepy.


Gad damn what a fatuous little troll you inevitably make of yourself.

Uh huh. As opposed to people like you an Tommy, who follow posters
around doing nothing but personal attacks? You and your obsessive
little buddy go stalk someone else.


I'm assuming your show of a deep & profound paranoia is a put-on & you're
not actually as severely mentally ill as you continuously portray
yourself. I still view you as purely & exclusively "Trolly trolly trolly,"
though obviously a certifiable fruitcake might occasionally be mistaken
for a mere troll. If you DO believe this kind of I'm Being Netstalked
crap, my sincere condolences to your family, who must suffer daily due to
such fantastical delusions of persecution -- for as an authentic paranoid
you would not restrict your weird beliefs to just the one lunatic
conviction you're being stalked whenever your usual trolly antics gain you
no more or less than is entirely merited.

-paghat the ratgirl

"Of what are you afraid, my child?" inquired the kindly teacher.
"Oh, sir! The flowers, they are wild," replied the timid creature.
-from Peter Newell's "Wild Flowers"
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