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Angus Scown
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Default Rainwater Heads

We installed one (differnet brand I think, not sure though) to test it out
installing on all our downpipes. In heavy rains (we get very heavy
downpours in Queensland Australia) there is a tendency for the water to
splash out. I guess it depends on how much pressure of water it can build
up in the pipe before it goes through the filter as it then sort of sprays

We haven't uninstalled it as it does work well in lighter rain but you need
to remember to clean them out and often that needs to happen when it is
raining. As so many things, it depends on how diligent you are.

It has been installed for several years and we have not put them on the rest
so I guess you could say the trial is ongoing.


len gardener wrote:

g'day matt,

no experience with them mate but a question comes to my mind how well
do they keep themselves clear of leaves under a full inflush of water,
they could act like a dam if they don't then water will be lost. most
tanks have screens that will prevent leaves entering the stored water.

be good if they could demonstrate for you

hope you get some answers