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Craig Brye
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Default co2 disaster

This is not a short term solution, but you might consider going to a CO2
tank. I did this on my 29 gal. tank, and will do the same with my 75 gal.
tank. It only cost me $8 every 6-9 months (I just exchange 10 lb. CO2 tanks
at the local Praxair). I then put the outfeed part of the CO2 tube into my
canister filter intake. Real simple and the results are magnificent.

Craig Brye
University of Phoenix Online

"Joe" wrote in message
. com...
Came home today to find a very cloudy tank, with all my plants covered in
some white powdery substance. Took me about 5 seconds to realize what had
happened, my yeast had been sucked into the tank. Anybody else out there
have this happen to them? Luckily, the tank is new, no livestock except

6 amano shrimp and a farlowella. Is there anything I can do besides

water changes? I just did 4 80% water changes, I will do more tomorrow.
How bad is it going to get in terms of algae and will the fish and shrimp