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Giancarlo Podio
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Default co2 disaster

I've never really seen anything bad come from this, as long as you are
cleaning up the mess with water changes everything should be fine in a
couple days. Did your bottle tip over or did you fill it too much? I
usually leave a bottle sit for 24 hours prior to hooking it up, this
is when the initial burst of CO2 occurs and the mixture may foam up a
bit too. Hope everything goes back to normal.

Giancarlo Podio

"Joe" wrote in message .com...
Came home today to find a very cloudy tank, with all my plants covered in
some white powdery substance. Took me about 5 seconds to realize what had
happened, my yeast had been sucked into the tank. Anybody else out there
have this happen to them? Luckily, the tank is new, no livestock except for
6 amano shrimp and a farlowella. Is there anything I can do besides massive
water changes? I just did 4 80% water changes, I will do more tomorrow.
How bad is it going to get in terms of algae and will the fish and shrimp