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Cleveland Ponder
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Default Pond Liner vs. Roof Liner

I have a 9000 gal pond with a 25 ft stream all lined with 45mil EDPM
roofing liner. I have had no problems at all. The only thing I did
prior to installation was to hose it off. Only word of warning is
that it is not light. I started out with a piece that was 40' x 50'
which weighed 780lbs.

"BenignVanilla" wrote in message ...
I have heard talk that roofing EPDM is the same as pond liner. I have also
heard people say it can have "toxic" chemicals on it that can kill fish. I
was hoping I could take an informal survey.

If you have a flexible liner pond...

1. Did you use
A) pond liner
B) roof liner

2. If you answer B to question 1, did your fish die?