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Bonnie Espenshade
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Default OT ~ Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers

When my DH was in school he took a sci-fi class, it was
taught by a female prof. Can you believe the class
consisted of nothing but reading sci-fi and then discussing
the books. At the end of the semester he had to write a
short story. He wrote it as a female in a male dominated
society that went into space and arrived at a completely
female society. He received an A-, the prof thought it was
a hoot.


DKat wrote:
I read anything and everything sci-fi in the 60's 70's... all of Asimovs
books as well. Oddly he hasn't held up well for me. I tried to go back and
read the Foundations series and just couldn't get into it at all. Le Guin I
can read on a regular basis and never grow tired of but not all of her books
work for me. One of the reasons I was such a fan of sci-fi was because it
was the only genre where women were actually allowed to be human beings and
you could easily read the main character as female as well of male. Or so
it seemed at the time. I go back now to old books I read (except for Le
Guin) and am amazed at how biased the books were against females. It was
just in the context of the times that they seemed evenly treated. The first
book of Foundation did not have one real female character...

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I am a sci fi freak since day 1. I had most of the greats of sci fidom in

a van

shuttling them from airport to an international sci fi conference back in

71 or 72...

justabout the time 2001 space odyssey came out.. all but Asimov.. shoot.
I really like C.J. Cherryh's stuff. totally rad. Ingrid

"D Kat" wrote:

Have you read Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea Trilogy (and following books)? I
have tried to talk my son into trying them but so far he is too "loyal"


Harry Potter to step out on them. If you have not read LeGuin's books, I
HIGHLY recommend them. Though I am a Potter fan I see the theme as taken

from the first book.

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I said very nasty things about the whole thing before I went to


see the

first movie. Then I got the books. I am hooked. I am going to

reserve a

copy so I

dont have to camp out... too old for that... LOL. Ingrid

"D Kat" wrote:

My 16-soon to be 17 year old son is planning on camping out in line at


book store.....