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Default Just set up an automated CO2 system, a couple questions...


"Joe Sanders" wrote in message
I finally decided that Flourish Excel wasn't doing the best job at
maintaining my plants. No DIY setup here, I went all out and set up a
CO2 reactor, a tank w/ solenoid, and a pH computer to shut off the CO2
if it drops below 7.00.
-- I currently have CO2 going at about 2 bubbles per second. Is that
about right?
-- I have the system set to shut off if pH drops below 7.0. I
typically try to buffer to around 7.4. Does that sound like I'm doing
the right thing?

Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix
You need to buy yourself a KH test kit. Test your KH and then test your ph.
Use the co2 chart (Red posted that for you in another reply) to work out how
much co2 you have in solution. You are aiming for about 25-30ppm co2 all day
long. Don't switch your co2 off at night, keep it running, the fish will be
fine. If you switch off at night your plants will have no co2 for
synthesizing when the lights come on in the morning, this will keep BBA at

-- Finally, I have the system set up on a timer so that it shuts off
completely at night when the lights go out. (I have the lighting set
up on a timer as well.) It's my understanding that plants don't use
CO2 at night. Again, does that sound right?

They won't use it at night, but in the morning they'll need it!

**So long, and thanks for all the fish!**