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len gardener
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Default ok lets tork loo's - story maybe dunno?

yeh ok so some may say i been torkin S-H-I-T-E lately anyway but then
hey who am i? everyones entitled to their observations huh?

right now we have a couple real solid down to earth down under pc'ers
chattin'! way to go. ok i digress so lets go to the topic:

loo's/toilets/outhouses/thunder boxes/throne-rooms/shrines/seats of
power and learning, ok whatever description fits or put your own in

we opted for a nature-loo (no they don't pay me and along with
greenfiled piecemaker shredders i probably wish they did i may be able
to afford better quality red cordial), why because the design fits the
K-I-S-S theory (i won't repeat what KISS stands for some get upset)
any way price also played a part, there are or were 3 others in the
field at the time but then you be the judge.

n/l also comes under verstatile, if you need to increase holding
capacity (lol) all you need do is buy another drum, oh did i mention
there is a guy in brissy who sells plans for a home made version of
n/l (whoops hope i can say that). ok so one of the others that
resembles a carousel needs all the boxes to be replaced by bigger
sizes through a range of 3 sizes from smallest to largest as your need
for capacity increases and as someone said the carousel gets out of
balance with 5 boxes on it when 1 box is full and the others are
empty, now i didnt say that and that lady also said it seemed to have
trouble handling the amount ot toilet paper generated by an office
situ' with mainly ladies present. um n/l seems to handle our paper
uses very well indeed and never gets out of balance.

ok you reckon lens torks shite yeh well i might but hey at the end of
the day or maybe early in the morning where would you be without it
hey?? pretty sick i guess.

anyway as we (me & mine)prepare for re-entry to the 'burbs, lens
thinkin' hey do i want to return to that yuppie feeling (there he goes
again) of pushing that little button as i drop the lid on my
contribution to society. guess those that know me would say nup! well
you are right i am already looking for systems i can use without
additions to an other wise badly designed for aussie conditions
european inspired queenslander with verandahs yuppie acceptable house,
phew what a mouth full.

hey speaking of horses for courses the house me and my believed
devised for qld well aussie conditions certainly seems to work a hell
of a lot better than those romantic smoke drizziling out of a chimney
wooden bungalows that look european and those lovable freeze the
monkeys off a brass ball queenslanders houses that is. our close
neighbours this morn' when we were buying our supply of eggs from them
tells me that at 8 am he still has 0c in his modern brick qld
verandahs all round bunglaow (and that was in his living area), when
we had 14c inside our house after a minus 1.5 (app 8c inside) on the
patio before the sun.

anyway i digress yet again oh did i suggest make a cuppa before
beginning this read not too late now is it?

anyway so i have come across with help from others a couple of links
to ways that may make permies world wide get rid of their water
guzzling society acceptable systems. i mean when are we going to learn
especially in australia water just can't be wasted washing away waste.

well i mean when is this water deprived world going to wake up hey can
you imagine how much DRINKING water gets wasted flushing colured water
away???? makes just as much sense as yuppies moving into rural with
their spoilt brats on noisy polluting 2 stroke trail bikes decemating
the quiet rural life of others, and running horses with no thought to
the environment or growing food, well they can afford it hey after all
they are the consumable society that we all pay for. you know what
gets me they move away from the built up scenerio only to bring their
bad habits with them (you know cats, 4 wheel drives and the desire to
turn anywhere from 10 to 100 acres into lawn) and that starts with
their choice of house design and lack of land management skills.

so here are those 2 links i have take a look i'm looking for opinions:

well that's enuf poo 4 now heh lol?

oh i did forget to say my neighbours house gets the sun app' 15 to 20
min's before us, but then i expect if we are into permaculture we are
also into sustainable living? houses that is.

take care


hey and do the veges luv growin in the stuff wow

if you have other ideas send 'em along

happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

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