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Gail Futoran
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Default What's needed for plants in a 29g tank?

"nuchumYussel" wrote in message
I have a 29g freshwater aquarium, in this tank, are all

plants. I would love to see no plastic in the tank, and

all real live
plants. But I have many problems. The first of which is

lighting. It is only one fluorescent bulb. I know that has

to be
upgraded. Another problem is that i have a Pleco is there.
Unfortunatley I know I will have to give him to either a

friend of the
LFS if I want live plants. I tried an Anacharis, but the

plant was
torn apart. The inhabitants of the tank are...


I have a 30 gallon long with the one flourescent
light the hood came with. That seems to be quite
adequate for the plants I have: a bunch of Java
Fern (attached to driftwood), various kinds of
crypts (one a sword-like plant that reproduces
steadily if slowly), whatever else I feel like trying.
I like dwarf hairgrass but can't keep it going. Oh,
I also have some anubias (?) that grows taller
than my tank. I prune it, drop the top back in,
and it grows roots. I've begun to add cuttings to
my compost pile having run out of places to
plant the babies.

I don't add CO2; I do fertilize with Flourish &
Flourish Iron w/ water changes. I'm a bit over-
stocked on fish but all are small - the largest is
the common (bronze & paleatus) Cory cats -
so I don't worry about it too much. Water
parameters are checked regularly.

Why not try some low light, hardy plants like
crypts & Java Fern? See what works. If you
like the effect, and want to get fancier with
equipment or touchier plants, you can always
add on later. Be patient - it can take time for
plants to establish & grow/reproduce. Like
any garden.