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len gardener
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Default ok lets tork loo's - story maybe dunno?

g'day andrea,

thanks for the input that barefoot one is a newy around the traps not
sure of it myself looked simple but.

i have the humanure book so will be looking into that graham gave me a
link to an essay on sawdust composting of human waste so that will
perused, just that after using something that for me was a good
evironmently system i don't want to go back to using valuable drinking
water as most do to flush waste especially waste water down to a
poorly managed sewerage system..

yes i remember the dunny man each week with the remains of his cargo
dripping down his back, i also remember that it never had any adverse
effect on our health and certainly not on the health of our water

yes ok i drifted a bit but it amazes me that we live in a country and
still stick to 200+ year old ideas of housing and then try and make
them comfortable, i doubt i will find anything tlike this inthe burb's
they simply just don't promote them or build them because they aren't
rmantic or fashionable. it amzed me that here where our neighbours at
8am with zero on their thermometer and our coldest before dawn inside
was around 8c.



happy gardening
'it works for me it could work for you,'

"in the end ya' gotta do what ya' gotta do" but consider others and the environment

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