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Default LOW PH _ help needed please - just inherited a koi pond

Hi Robin,

I dropped a LOW PH alert into the beginning of this thread for the water
quality experts to look at as yours looks a little low to me.

Yes, you've got new water algae bloom, algae is a very good at jumping the gun
and it will go away in time, especially if you have plants and some shade.

And yes, your veggie filter would like some light.
Anacharis would be good. So would water hyacinths (but they may be illegal in
your state).
Water celery is a good one too.

One way to put plants in a filter is to get a rigid mesh waterplant basket and
hang it over the edge secured with any kind of wire (we've used hanger wire and
bent it but any kind will do, or plastic string). That keeps the plants all
together and not clogging up the outlet of the container. Water hyacinths you
can just put some fishing line to keep them from blocking.
You do have to keep an eye on veggie filters as they like to grow rapidly and
they'll start the water backing up over the sides if they get to

kathy :-)
algae primer