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Default help needed please - just inherited a koi pond


Many wells send up low pH water, but as soon as it has had a chance to gas
off the excess carbon dioxide, the pH will pop up, sometimes quite high. If
yours is staying that low, I would get a KH Carbonate hardness test kit and
check the carbonates and bicarbonates. These are the pH stabilizers that
keep the pH from jumping all over the place, being very low in the morning
and high in the afternoon. These swings are hard on the fish, causing
stress that can lead to disease. You could also experience a pH crash where
the pH drops so low that it burns the fish and causes a fish kill. Look at
the stability of the pH morning and afternoon.
"Robin" wrote in message
news:[email protected]_s53...
There were quite a few tadpoles until then LOL. The pond
started turning pretty green about a week ago. The ph runs
about 6.0-6.3. I have well water and do not have to

TIA for any advice,
You can see a few shots of my pond here.