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Glenna Rose
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Default Diogs where they don't belong


Well what's the deal? You're shooting down ideas without giving any
Figure it out on your own then.

Just remember, it's his loss. He apparently has not heard of folks who
use them and swear by them. Gee, a pest control with no poisons or
anything else to harm animal or human, why would anyone want to try that?!

Try not to take it personally, some folks want a complicated solution when
a simple one will suffice. Or maybe he has no outside water faucet. As I
understand from a friend who has one of the sprinklers, one of the
beauties of them is that they operate for only a few seconds so there is
no waste of water. My own observation regarding my feeble attempts to
keep the squirrel away from the apricots is that it only takes 2 or 3
seconds which certainly is not a waste of water; more than that is used
flushing the toilet once.

I'd use one for the squirrel except the movement of the tree branches
would likely keep it going all the time. Since that one doesn't come to
the ground, entering and leaving the yard via tree tops, one on the ground
would be useless. However, come winter when I prune the tree severely, I
may install one on the ground near the Evergreen Magnolia tree where more
nest; when they cannot jump from another tree into it and will get
sprinkled, perhaps it will discourage some of the critters anyway!
(Though it sure doesn't help now.)

Since there is a problem here with dogs coming onto the front side yard, I
may install one out there which would also keep stray cats from coming
over that fence at the back yard as well.

Take care.