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Default Diogs where they don't belong

Stan Goodman wrote:

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On Mon, 26 Jul 2004 21:00:49 UTC, "Sunflower"

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What can I do to discourage feral, and not so feral, dogs from coming


my property both in daylight and at night, crapping here and there as


spirit moves them (no pun intended), and making threatening noises at


Fence your property.

Not an option.

Motion sprinklers?


I can attest to the effectiveness of the motion sprinkler. Dogs
certainly won't like it! Rabbits, squirrels, and racoons don't like it
either. I can't say the meter reader guy was overly impressed at our
old home. DH on more than one occasion got an additional shower along
with his morning coffee. I initially bought mine to protect our pond
but now am using it in the garden. Depending on your set-up, you may
need two to protect all areas. I move mine around a fair amount so the
critters don't get to accustomed to the direction the spray is coming
from. Another option may be a Fido electric fence around your garden.
That will be effective for whatever garden you put it around but won't
help much for your lawn and other unprotected areas. The last option I
can think of besides fencing is cayenne pepper either powdered or spray
solution. The downside is you have to reapply after a rain.

You might want to contact animal control for a more permanent solution.
If the dogs are not ferral yet running loose, animal control should be
able to fine the owners. Ferral dogs may be a health issue so animal
control should come out and catch them.