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Franz Heymann
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Default soil heating cables for winter use/heating a greenhouse

"Chris French and Helen Johnson"
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In message , Franz Heymann

"Chris French and Helen Johnson"

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What's the problem here Franz? Soil warming cables, thermostats

standard kit intended for greenhouses - as is my mains electric


I would not go near mains heating cables buried in damp earth.


Fair enough, but AFAIAC they are safe. Obviously I would not put it

in a
situation were I would be likely to damage it, - but otherwise I

see a problem. mine sits in the wooden propagator box in damp sand

cable is insulated and sealed. If it was to develop a fault in the
insulation then it would just trip the RCD anyway.

Only if the propagator itself is connected to earth.

Low voltage units are available for this obvious reason.

I guess they are, though I can't actually think
of ever seeing them on sale.

I used to have one when I still had a greenhouse. It ran at 12 volts
and used bare soft iron wires as the heating elements.