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Default Settlement Tanks

The shape of the setting tank makes a big diff too. Think about how much
further solids have to drop in a tall narrow tank then in a shallow one.

Maybe you should look into another method of getting the coarse crap out.
Either brushes or maybe a vortex screen sort of device. Seen a DIY but
do not recall the URL. Maybe someone else has it bookmarked.


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Is there a sizing algorithm for settlement tanks?

Sure, keep the water in the tank long enough for stuff to settle!

*laugh* OK, so what's that time period?

If you connect a 30 gpm (1800gph) pump, that would allow less than 10
seconds settling time, which is to say none.


I did some quick math, assuming a 2000 gallon pond, and an 1800GPH pump.

would take the pump 67 minutes to circulate the water in the pond. With a
200 gallon settlement tank, the water would have only 7 minutes to settle

the tank. I realize this does not take into consideration of the volume in
the pipes. I am just trying to get close here. So is 7 minutes enough? I

guessing not. A 500 gallon settlement tank would provide about 17 minutes

settle time. Still seems a bit low.

The reason I ask is that, it seems like a lot of work and doing to get a
settlement tank going. Since I plan to have a shallow veggie filter,
cleaning it should not be a big deal. I am wondering if I should just

the settlement tank, and let the sediment come into the veggie filter,

could easily be drained, cleaned and refilled.


Go google and take a look at some of the designs on the web.