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dave weil
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On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 16:36:17 +0100, newsb

If you look at the other headers, you'll see that the versions of
Outlook used are different (not conclusive in itself, but in conjunction
with the totally different posting styles and contents, its pretty
obvious to me that they are not the same.)

Certainly not conclusive in itself. Heck, I've got two different
versions of Outlook Express on two different computers in this very
room (I never bohered upgrading the one on the seldom used computer in
the network, mainly because I don't even bother using Outlook in the
first place). But if I *did* use Outlook, depending on which computer
I used, that would determine the version of Outlook on my headers. If
I had a work computer, which I don't, I'd bet that it would be
different as well. And a possible laptop? Sure, might be a fourth one.

As to the "totally different posting styles and contents", that's what
sockpuppeting is all about, innit?

That's some crazy people that they have using that ISP which suddenly
starts popping up on rec. garden.roses. It *must* be a coincidence,
since that ISP is as huge as demon...