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Franz Heymann
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"dave weil" wrote in message


That's some crazy people that they have using that ISP which

starts popping up on rec. garden.roses. It *must* be a coincidence,
since that ISP is as huge as demon...

You are once again showing what a failure you are as far as deductive
powers are concerned. The ISP I use is run by British Telephone,
which is the major telephone company in the UK, so it is not a notable
coincidence if two urglers use it.

If you had had any powers of observation, you would also by now have
noticed that I make no secret of the fact that I live at the top of
Wensleydale and the Martin who supports the Bexhill Rose Society posts
from Bexhill (there are at least 3 Martins who participate in urg).
If you knew how to use a ruler, and you could lay your hands on a map
of the UK in that benighted part of the world you live in, you might
be able to establish for yourself that the distance between those
places is more than 300 miles.