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J. Del Col
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On 26 Aug 2004 15:01:04 -0700, (Beecrofter) wrote:

Definately heavy metals in the glazing.
Lead or Cadmium which over time the human body seems to collect and store.

I'm curious. Do *all* glazed pots have harmful substances in the
glaze? I mean we eat and drink from glazed cups and bowls?... Is there
any way of knowing if a glazed pot contains harmful substances?

Commercial glazed ceramic ware for table use is fired at high enough
temperature to burn out the lead and other metals. There are lead
test kits available if you are worried that your dinnerware or
flowerpots might be contaminated.

About 50 years ago Fiesta Ware produced a red glazed ware that was
made with uranium salts in the glaze. It was radioactive, but it was
not really dangerous as long as you didn't use it frequently with
strongly acid foods.

Pieces of it are valuable items now.

J. Del Col