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Christopher Green
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On 26 Aug 2004 15:01:04 -0700, (Beecrofter) wrote:

Definately heavy metals in the glazing.
Lead or Cadmium which over time the human body seems to collect and store.

I'm curious. Do *all* glazed pots have harmful substances in the
glaze? I mean we eat and drink from glazed cups and bowls?... Is there
any way of knowing if a glazed pot contains harmful substances?


The iffier the origin of the glazed ware, the iffier the glaze itself.
Anything from Mexico should be automatically suspect (traditional
glazes there leach much lead, and Mexican potters have been very
reluctant to change); commercial ware made in the US, Japan, or
northern Europe (particularly the UK) should be OK; everything else is
somewhere in between.

Chris Green