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"RedForeman" wrote:
|| I'm going to be setting up a tank this weekend that I have all
|| planned out on what I want in it plant wise. I already either have
|| or will be picking up the plants that I want to put into the tank,
|| the only one that I haven't been able to find is Java Moss. Does
|| anybody know of a store in either San Francisco or the East Bay that
|| sells Java Moss? I have no interest in buying off of the internet,
|| as I want to see what I'm buying live.

ok, fine then... I wont' even offer you some of my prized Java moss...
you'll just have to find subpar specimens locally... good luck..


Even with the jk (just kidding I assume), that was rather, umm, rude.
Particularly if the OP is unfamiliar with short phrases and assumed the jk
was your initials. Smileys are more universally understood.

As for the OP, I know there's some good java moss in Davis at Pet Cetera
(as long as you don't mind getting some tubifex worms, it's in a fish
display tank), but that may be a bit too much of a drive for you.
Otherwise, I would pull out the phone book and start calling LFSs listed.
Here's also a webpage of the PCCA sponsors with some LFSs at the bottom:

Since java moss is used often in cichlid tanks, they may be more likely to
have some in stock. You may also want to contact the SF Bay Area Aquatic
Plant Society,, to see if any members have some to
spare or if they have tips on LFSs to try.