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I live in Oakland not to far from Connies Tropical (about a 5 minute walk).
Connies never has anything that I want, plus the stuff that I have bought
from them have given me nothing but misery, and I have found that they are
over priced as I can pit up most of what they sell cheaper elsewhere. I
bought an Eclipse 12 for less than what they sell the Eclipse 6 for at a
place over on Geary in SF.

"Robert Flory" wrote in message
I'm in the east Bay, I throw Java moss out, or trade it to my LFS

What part of the bay area you in?. Rumor has it a plant swap is scheduled
somewhere in the area ...SFBAAPS

--- In , "Jeff wrote:
Any plans for a September event?

I propose a cafe plant swap with a tentative date Sept 19 at
2:30pm. Any alternative plans?

Check it out, we've got the best selection in town. ;-) best prices as

as some of the best cooks too.