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"P&L" wrote in message
I have a large Sea Storm fluidized bed filter that sat dormant for too

and requires replacement of the sand media. Looks to me like both ends of
the cylinder are sealed shut. Anyone know how to replace the sand?


Ottawa Canada

Sea Storm made two different filters. One is, indeed, a sealed unit and you
cannot get it open. The other has a removable top. If your unit has the
red and blue dots indicating "Input" and "Output" connections, it is
probably the older style sealed unit. If the filter you have is marked "In"
and "Out" (in writing), then it is the new one and the top can be unscrewed.

Sea Storm set themselves up for failure on these filters in three ways.

First, they tested every filter for leaks before shipping. You would think
this would be a good thing, but it is not. The filter sand was shipped wet
and when it dried out, it assumed the consistency of concrete.

Second, the initial units were sealed and when the sand hardened, you can
just toss them out as they are impossible to open. Corrected in units
shipped after mid-1997.

Third, these filters MUST have a check valve inserted into the feed (input)
line and they do NOT come with one, you have to buy it elsewhere. If you do
not use a check valve, as soon as the power cuts off, the filter sucks the
sand all the way back into the sump. Bummer. Nowhere in the info that came
with the filters does it mention this by the way.

Even after saying all this, these are GREAT filters if you can overcome
their weaknesses. They provide good fluidization and are sized for monster


PS: BTW, you DO know that in the event of a power failure lasting any time
at all, you MUST take these filters offline as the bacteria die quickly in
the absence of oxygen. Flush them to waste after a prolonged power outage
and all is well, start them up pouring the dead bacteria into your tank, and
you may have problems. But this is a problem with any biological filter
when circulation is shut down.