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It's about the size of one of my finger nail (not the thumb or little finger).
I didn't think spider mites are that large and can spin webs.
Anyhow, my primary concern is whether it's poisonous or not...
I'll check to see if it's a spider mites or not though.

Anne Lurie wrote:
That critter looks pretty small! Try searching Google Images for "spider
mites" to see if it turns up anything. (BTW, the google tool bar makes it
simple to search directly for pictures; you can download it from the Google

Anne Lurie
NE Raleigh

wrote in message
What kinds of spider is triangular in body shape and exist here in this
region ?
Google didn't show much results except for australian spiders.
I can't get a good focus on it with my digital camera but it looks like
reddish color in shape with yellowish/gold belly marking.
Thanks for any info.