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Michi Henning
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"Craig Brye" wrote in message ...
I would like to hear what different people in this group use for a foreground plant. I'm familiar/heard of most of the ones out there, but have only tried a few. I'm looking for something to use as a low growing, but hardy, foreground plant in my 75 gal. tank. This is a high tech CO2 injected high light tank.

Several come to mind: Echinodorus Tenellus (nice and easy to keep),
Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (makes a nice lawn, but can become a real
pest, because it goes everywhere), Glossostigma Elatinoides
(nice, and easy to control, needs a lot of light), Cryptocorine Parva
(smallest known Crypt species, grows to about an inch, but *very*
slowly). Larger foreground plants (to about 4 inches) would be the
smaller crypts, such as Unulata, Walkeri, etc.) These are easy to
grow, easy to keep under control, and look nice. Some of the
smaller sagitarria would be suitable too, I suspect (but I have no
personal experience with those). I'd avoid hair grass (Eleocharis
Acicularis). It looks great, but also tends to go everywhere and
makes an awful mess when it comes time to trim it down (which
is often, in a high-light tank with CO2).



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