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I have a large Sea Storm fluidized bed filter that sat dormant for too


Sea Storm made two different filters. One is, indeed, a sealed unit and
cannot get it open. The other has a removable top. If your unit has the
red and blue dots indicating "Input" and "Output" connections, it is
probably the older style sealed unit. If the filter you have is marked
and "Out" (in writing), then it is the new one and the top can be

Thanks for your informative post, Tom. I definitely have the older sealed
unit. I will try the following: Outside with the hose I will blast out the
current contents. If successful, I will try to sterilize the interior to
kill the nasty bacteria that are in there currently. I have new sand on
order. I am not at all sure how I will get it into the unit but that will be
the last step. Worth a try. All this make sense to you?

Cheers, Phil