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Corcoran. Bil
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After leaving the south Ivan has arrived in the Northeast. We've had
over 6-inches of rain since last night so everything locally is flooding
and the winds are expected to drop more trees today.

Our trees (bonsai) seem to be fine (thank god for fast draining soil)
and our house sits high and dry. Can't say the same for my
far no flooding but I work just across the street from the Susquehanna
River which is expected to crest at 36-feet tomorrow (flood stage is
22-feet). With the new dikes and flood gates we'll see what this really
means at work but it doesn't look good for now....already many low lying
areas are flooded and many bridges over small streams are wiped out.

Sure has been an interesting season. Thankfully with lows tonight
expected to be in the high 40's our tropicals will be spending the night
inside tonight.

Time to go move some wet trees indoors....oh joy!


== Jim: SW Louisiana was totally untouched by the storm. We had
== lots of refugees filling up the hotels and the Civic Center,
== though. We could use the rain, but I'll take it the old fashioned
== way! ;-)

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