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"Scott Far Thunder" wrote in message
Hau kolas..question for you..for a freshwater tank, would you recommend
using compact or "regular" flourescent lighting? Does compact offer the
versatility of non-compact bulbs (ie should compact be used for certain
applications, whereas non-compact would be the best route in others?) TIA

As far as I understand it, compact fluorescent lighting is good because it
is more "compact" (smaller) than regular fluorescents, enabling you to have
a greater amount of light in a smaller amount of space.
I have a 55g tank with a 48" regular fluorescent strip light. It is one
bulb, 40w/48" long and the fixture is about 4 1/2" wide. I just bought a
compact fluorescent strip light (made by the same company). It has two
bulbs, 55w/24" long each for a total of 110w. The strip is 5" wide. More
light, less space. Compact. Or maybe I'm completely off. HTH. Mitakuye