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"George Pontis" wrote in message
There is a piece of dark bogwood in a community tank, to satisfy the needs
of a
bristlenose pleco. I submerged the wood in boiling water for 15 minutes
putting it in the tank, about a month ago.

This wood appears to have tiny white spots on it. They go away if I rub
the wood
with a finger. Nothing else in the aquarium has spots like these. I am
if it is possible that I am looking at Ich ? Then again they could be
They are consistent in size, about like small grains of salt.

Look he
In this article, it says of bogwood:

"b. If the bogwood is not petrified the living wood will rot underwater and
grow a white fungus. This does not harm the fish and can usually be brushed
off. "

Sounds like what you have?