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Co2 must be dissolved into the water.
You can make your own reactor or buy one .
Do a seach for diy reactor
with 1000% disolving and proper lighting many plants will pearl

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On 24 Jun 2003 13:04:11 -0700, (Connor
Maltsberger) wrote:

I am new to the whole aquarium scene, and i recently set up a new 30
gallon tall aquarium. Not knowing anything, I was relying on the one
15watt bulb that came with the hood to supply enough light to my
plants. After watching the sword slowly 'wilt' i did some research
and went out and bought a 20 inch 28 watt compact flourescent hood to
use in conjunction with the 15watt bulb that was currently being used.
Some algae started growing on a big rock i have in the tank, nothing
serious, so i figured the amount of light I had was probably DOING
something now. Still, though, I have not seen ANY of my plants give
off any oxygen bubbles. So i did some more research. Yesterday I
made one of those DIY CO2 yeast reactors and attached it to a
bubblestone . It seems to be producing enough gas, but after about 24
hours or so my ph hasnt changed at all, and my plants still arent
producing oxygen, so im thinking that maybe the co2 isnt getting
dissolved into the water, its just rising to the surface and exiting.
So i did some MORE reading today and put the hose into the intake of
my Penguin 170 Biowheel. Now wvenever a bubble escapes the hose, the
filter makes a little noise. Is it possible to get the co2 dissolved
into the water through this kind of filter or not? Why arent my
plants bubbling nicely!!! All i want them to do it grow and be happy!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions PLEASE let me know, i would
greatly appreciate it.

Connor Maltsberger