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Matt C.
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Try zoo med Flora Sun.

Matt C.

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A question about fluorescent tubes for use in a Marineland Eclipse3 hood.
lamps supplied with the hood are Eclipse Natural Daylight F18T8 24". This
is over
a planted, community 37G tank, 22" high.

I don't find the color of the lights to be all that appealing - they
remind me of
the old standby "cool white" phosphor. Has anyone tried an alternative

It would be great to find something that actually put out a bit more
light. The
hood says anything goes up to 18W, so perhaps there is not much room for
improvement without wholesale change to increase the power.

It would also be nice to have a more pleasing color. Another tank with a
Full Hood" from AGA has a T12 bulb simply labeled "20W Aquarium Lamp ...
Made in
Germany". It has an actinic component in it that looks good, adds some
emphasis. I don't know if this would compromise the plant lighting, or
even what
readily available tube would be equivalent.

Any suggestions ?

They used to be Panasonic lamps that were quite nice. I tried CoralLife,
but found these to be unreliable (the internal starter goes out pretty
fast). I too would be interested in other lamps that would work in this