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On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 06:39:00 GMT, "Dave M. Picklyk"

That's pretty cool...and you never seen this type of plant in your aquascape
before? Weird. I don't have plants growing that I've never seen before but
I've been getting crypts popping up all over the aquarium. I was thinning
out the ludwigia and found a few crypts growing underneath. These things
just send shooters for miles under the substrate and then popup without
regard for all your flora planning!


Hi Dave, I do have the plants growing around the intake tube as I
mentioned near the last sentence. They grow tall and are rather
prolific so the mask the tube. Important for me they are "low light."
I guess they take less light than I would have guessed.

I have crypts as part of my forest. They send out runners all the
time. I have to thin them monthly.


"Dick" wrote in message
.. .
I couldn't believe my eyes. I was cleaning a Marineland 330 power
filter. I noticed roots coming out the filter intake tube guard.
When I pulled the guard off the tube, there was a growing plant about
8 inches long and surprisingly healthy looking. The roots growingout
the guard were the only clue I had to its existence. It didn't even
limit the water flow.

I don't know the plant name, but it is a single stem with round leaves
growing off the stem. They grow tall, maybe inches or more and I have
them growing around the intake tubes to mask the tubes.

Just sharing a curiosity, no problem to solve.