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In alt.aquaria George Pontis wrote:
You are the second to recommend Flora Sun. I know these are readily available in
the T8-24" size for about $10, but don't know what they look like. Maybe it's time
to just get one and see. Thanks for the recommendations.

Color-wise, the FloraSun has a bit of a pink tone (probably because of the
red content), but not as bad as some other plant bulbs I've tried, some of
which are really dim purple. It's listed as an 8500k color, but I don't
see any CRI rating on the box which would give a better indication of its
appearance in the tank. I use it in combination with a GE Aqua Rays
Freshwater (4400k, 77 CRI) and All-Glass's generic fresh/salt bulb (9500k
I think) and that provides a pretty balanced and bright viewing color.
Perhaps try getting one at first and replacing one of your tubes and see
how you like it.