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Jaques d'Alltrades
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The message
from (Steve Harris) contains these words:

Last year, I dug up 3 runner bean plants, trimmed them to 3" of stem,
planted them in a pot of multipurpose compost, put it in an unheated
bedroom and left them. They died.

This year, a have them in a pot with about a dozen leaves still attached
and I'm hoping to improve :-)

- Should I chop them down to 3" again?
- Should I water them once a month?
- Keep them warm/cold/wet/dry/light/dark?


Dig them up, leaving two or three inches of stem, making sure there some
buds there.

Keep them in a ventilated container of dry sand, in a cool place which
will not freeze.

GQT tip from younks ago. Works for me every year. Well, every year there
isn't an unexpectedly early hard frost.

Open the creaking gate to make a horrid.squeak, then lower the foobar.