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Janet Galpin
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The message
from "David Hill" contains these

Steve asked ".... Should I chop them down to 3" again?
Should I water them once a month?
Keep them warm/cold/wet/dry/light/dark? ....."

Store them as you would Dahlia tubers.
I have always found that the 2nd year they are not as good as the first
year, but they are earlier. I would treat them as "ground beans", that is
take the tops out of the shots when they are about 12 to 15 inches high, you
will get earlier beans than if they are left to climb, though they will be
curved as they will be in contact with the ground.

David Hill
Abacus nurseries

I have had them survive in the ground perhaps three or four years ago
and, as far as I remember, it wasn't a particularly mild winter.
I presume this is not to be counted on though, and I agree that they are
earlier but not as good.
Janet G