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Jaques d'Alltrades
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The message
from "Angus White" contains these words:

I have had them survive in the ground perhaps three or four years ago
and, as far as I remember, it wasn't a particularly mild winter.
I presume this is not to be counted on though, and I agree that they are
earlier but not as good.
Janet G

We certainly agree with you but I suppose if you're an expert it could
but we only kept them once and they weren't as good, so we now sow them
every year.
I also suppose it depends where you live as we have quite mild winters in
the south
compared to the cold winters up in Scotland for example.

I have found that as long as you plant them in well-prepared soil and
water them in well, like you would with a bare-rooted tree, the crop
exceeds that of a first-year bean, and the quality is no different.

If I get round to it, I'll try a controlled experiment planting both in
as like conditions as I can manage.

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