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Well we are going into day four and no signs of any problems. I sure hope
he makes it okay. I have 6 other really gorgeous sarassa comets in there
with him--the best looking fish I have ever owned. They are bright metalic
white with blood red markings and super clean edges. And they spawned
within a month of being introduced in late August despite the fact that they
are only two inches long. It would be ashame for the whole pond to come
down with ich.

I have learned so much from you guys. Thanks again for all the help. I'll
let you know if anything comes up. Fig.

One more question--what would you all recommend as a predatory fish to add
to the pond in spring to control the population. My water does not freeze
in winter but it does get down into the low 40's. I have no ability to set
up a tank indoors so it must be a hardy fish. Thanks.

yeah.. by 7 days will be fine. Ingrid

~ jan wrote:
Ingrid, in your experience, when do you think he can feel he dodged the ich
bullet? I'm guessing it will come on within the next 3 - 5 days. ~ jan