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On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 19:18:43 +0100, Reka

major snippage

An aside: you can get your SLR photos put on CD, you know, and usually
fairly cheaply (at least over here) in addition to your prints. Then
you could share them. You can even have reprints put on CD.


Hi Reka,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm well aware of the CD option, but the
one time I tried it, it was a huge hassle. I needed really good
quality digital photos, and it took the photo lab three or four
attempts to produce a CD of sufficient quality. The first few times
the results were streaky and grainy. I kept having to return to the
photolab, and a couple times I even hauled in my laptop to show the
technicians just how bad the photos were.

The cost was fairly high, but I that could be because I had three or
four rolls of film to transfer. To make matters worse, I was under a
tight deadline. It was supposed to be one of those 24 hour or 48 hour
turn-around jobs, but it took over a week to finally get the job done
right -- managers had to give approval, machines had to be
recalibrated, etc. I'm just lucky that the person waiting for the
photos was understanding.

I know my experience was probably the exception to the rule, but for
the most part I really don't need digital photos, so I don't bother.
The photolab was the same one that does all my regular processing and
that usually does a wonderful job for me. I guess I just got lucky.
g Now if I could only get lucky like that with my lottery
numbers.... :-D

So how long can I expect my blooms to last? I don't know how long my
plant had been in bloom before I bought it, and I don't know what the
shock of transporting it around did to it, so this is my first real
experience with orchid blooms.