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"Ka30P" wrote:
Illinois has a new reptile and amphibian.
Out of 75,000 votes cast online, the Eastern Tiger Salamander is
the new state amphibian, and the Painted Turtle won as state

Here in Washington we don't. But we do have an offical insect (the
blue darner dragonfly) and an offical fossil (Columbian mammoth)
but, depending on who you talk to, we still don't really have a

Oregon doesn't have an official amphibian or reptile, but we have other
official symbols: state animal, American beaver; state beverage, milk; state
bird, Western meadowlark; state dance, square dance (???); state fish,
Chinook salmon; state flower, Oregon grape; state gemstone, Oregon sunstone;
state insect, Oregon swallowtail; state mushroom, Pacific golden
chanterelle; state nut, hazelnut (filbert); state rock, Thunder-egg (geode);
state seashell, Oregon hairy triton; state tree, Douglas fir.

My condolences on Washington's lack of an official governor. When is the