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Jan Flora
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I live in a cold, cold, area of upstate New York, near BUffalo.

What do you find are the best varieties of kale and Romaine lettuce,
particularly Romaine that withstands frosts?

Thanks a lot.

My candidates a Redbor Kale, which actually gets sweeter after a good
frost, and Winter Density Romaine type lettuce.


Get seed catalogs from Pinetree Seeds, Johnny's Seeds, Vermont Bean Seed
Co. and others in New England, and you'll find wonderful short-season
varieties. Lots of Alaskans order seeds from those companies.

We grow a red Russian kale up here that thrives. We kick the snow off of
it and harvest it.

If you can ever get to the beach after a good windstorm, haul every bit
of seaweed you can carry home, and just lay in on your garden beds (in
the off-season). Seaweed lowers the temps that frost will hurt/kill your
plants. I don't know why, but it works. Or use those seaweed fertilizers
that you can buy on your plants.

And there's always Remay and PVC pipe half-hoop frames...

Jan in Alaska
USDA Zone 3/4, depending on who you ask