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There are few folks still posting from the 80' he-)

Yeah but it's just not the same without Oleg. Somebody
email him and ask why their water is green. He loves that.

hehe TFH has some issues, which is why I write for my own web site, not
TFH, which I've written for in the past. They want permanent ownership
of your photo's and do not give much for them. Mike's comments sort of
lead me to do what I do today, things evolve.

Wellll, they want a perpetual non-exclusive right to redistibute. That means
they can do whatever they want with them, but so can you. I don't see this
as a problem. You're right they don't pay much for them, but Dave is
trying to get them to double the rate for pictures they may use again
wheras pictures of say, an event are really only usefull once. The secret is
to sell them LOTS of pictures :-)

I'd be doing quite well in this hobby without the web..... but helping
other folks is something I enjoy. I teach and do public service and do
this hobby.

Sure. But the number of people the net puts you in instant touch with
both very locally (oh, you keep fish) and halfway around the world,
makes a huge difference. The pre-internet fish era sucked as far as that

No reason I should give everything away either. You either for that

Yeah right. Lemme know how that goes. I'm still waiting for my royalty check
for sci.aquaria. Fish poeple are the nicest but absolute cheapest
people on the planet. I shouldda done marine stuff, not killies. Those
guys have money. :-) But, you gotta do what you love so killies and crypts
it is.

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