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Heck, we all get huffy here and there and usenet is THE place for a
good huff:-) Truer words may never be spoken:-)

No need to apologize, I'm very understanding and thicked skinned, also
very crotchety yet frinedly and tenacious. hummm okay so I'm weird, but
it's generally a good weird according to those that know me, doesn't
matter either way, I ain't changing:-).

We learn by making mistakes, hell, I've made lots, about 95% of science
is making mistakes, when you don't, then you learn what works(If you
are lucky:-).

I can see how the misunderstanding occurred, I should ahve said to
create a user name etc.

But main thing now, try to make the reactor, give it a try and see what
you think, does it suit your needs and is it good at providing good CO2
levels when you need it?

Was it easy to build ? etc......

That's more important to me, the idea, helping folks.
Take care
Tom Barr