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I've induced GW perhaps 50 times in a planted tank.
UV and back to inducing it again. Adding NO3 will not induce it. Adding
PO4 will not induce it, adding lots of traces will not induce it.
Adding all of them except NH4 will not induce it.
Adding NH4 at higher levels and using higher and higher fish loads also
induces it and other algae.

I think I fried Booth's cables(wires) :-)
He's such a nice person, in person and on the net also.
The cable debate was our favorite topic.

Siome fish people are cheap, the reefer's have no issues droppingh
large sums. Plant and FW people are very cheap IME.

Hence the free DIY plan for a well designed effective easy to make CO2

I have a very cool new DIY external version coming out in about a month
and some new research on why they build up that gas bubble and how it
influences efficiency of CO2 diffusion. Some interesting O2/CO2
comparisons and data and a good reason to use the venturi on them.

But as you say, many places simply don't carry TFH, the web is better
IMO as well. But I want to produce a book here in the next couple of
years, this will help lead to that.

No, TFH will not be the company I chose to publish it:-)
Tom Barr