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Heck, we all get huffy here and there and usenet is THE place for a
good huff:-) Truer words may never be spoken:-)

No need to apologize, I'm very understanding and thicked skinned, also
very crotchety yet frinedly and tenacious. hummm okay so I'm weird, but
it's generally a good weird according to those that know me, doesn't
matter either way, I ain't changing:-).

We learn by making mistakes, hell, I've made lots, about 95% of science
is making mistakes, when you don't, then you learn what works(If you
are lucky:-).

I can see how the misunderstanding occurred, I should ahve said to
create a user name etc.

But main thing now, try to make the reactor, give it a try and see what
you think, does it suit your needs and is it good at providing good CO2
levels when you need it?

Was it easy to build ? etc......

That's more important to me, the idea, helping folks.
Take care
Tom Barr

I just wanted to see what your idea was, truth be known.

I am not in a position to buy even the smallest power head atm, so I am
going to use collected ideas from all the DIY reactors I have seen on the
internet and adapt them to my current situation:

My intention is to modify my 350L/H Hailea internal filter by putting an air
stone in it's vacant front compartment. Replacing the sponges with plastic
open weave scourers (which you can buy for 0.50c for two here in Aus) and
putting chopped drinking straws in the carbon basket, and hopefully all of
that won't clog with stuff, will break the bubbles to a very small size and
the impeller and venturi can do the rest.

I will let ya'll know what happens. I fear a blockage the most and I'm not
that worried about the corrosive effect of CO2 on the impeller at this time.

I have blow valves on my Yeast and the gas exchange bottle and generator
bottle sealed in a shopping bag type waste bin to minimise the effects of
any potential explosion of the generator, if anything does block. There is
also a one way valve on the silicone tube to stop back siphoning etc...

So we'll see how it all goes.

Many thanks for the information though and I quite like the ideas in your
model reactor.

If mine isn't effective or problematic, then I know I can get a power head
for A$9.80 (US$5.60) from an online supplier and I'll follow your design and
get back to you.

I guess it's going to take a bit of tinkering with Yeast/Baking Soda/Sugar
mixes to get it outputting enough, but I dare say I may end up with two
bottles if a single 2L generator can't do my 4' tank.

All the best and keep up the good work.


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