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I think you'll be very hard pressed to expect a single 2 liter DIY
yeast bottle to do the job.
I'd suggest 2 or 3 of them.

I am looking at two, to be honest. I won't actually fire the single one up
until tomorrow, so it'll be all observation and tweeking from there in. I
have bottle two ready to be hooked in, just in case.

The nice thing about my design is the burp hole and misting effects
from the venturi.
This self levels the reactor, when there's enough CO2 or too much, it
will waste the gas, or if there's a lot of O2 degassing.

I figure (atm) there is no need to modify the design I am going to use for
the simple reason that the filters sponge holder has vents up to about 1/3
from the bottom, which will "store" momentarily any CO2 gas coming from the
input line. If it is too fast it will just build up and flow out of the
vents. It could be better, but as the thing hasn't seen operation yet, I
figure I am going to have to modify it on the run. I understand your

I do like your device a lot though, out of all the ones I've seen out there.
It has the advantage, as you state of being self regulating.

So even if you add a bit too much CO2, you still end up with a decent,
but not too high CO2 ppm level. You can run them too high and kill your
fiash though.........but much less so than with external and filter

I am going to be watching this very carefully. I can't afford to
injure/kill, neither do I want to stress what fish I have, so if there is
any strangeness or stress, then I'll remove it while I rethink, or better
still get a dedicated reactor and powerhead - two weeks away minimum.

But whne the CO2 production drops, these units are 100% efficient.


So this mediates the variation in CO2 production for folks using DIY
yeast CO2.

I used yeast for about 10 years, so I am very familar with this device
and it's use with yeast CO2 methods.

It's in the top 3 that I've seen out there using powerheads

Gas tanks are great and worth every penny, but if yeast is all you got
and can afford, then you have to make do. I was a poor student not long

It's all I can afford. I am a very DIY guy atm any way due to being out of
work. I am learning heaps and the extra effort involved is certainly worth
it for me in the hobby because the rewards are beautiful plants, and
thriving fish - some of which are very entertaining just to watch

This type of device can be made for less than 10$ US with the power
head, that's hard to beat.

Well, US$10 is a lot of money for me at the moment. Perhpas I should start
an "Aquaria on a shoestring" web thing?

Never the less, I must comment that you find absolutely amazing things in
peoples put outs over here. All the wood I have used for my stand and will
use for the completed lighting hood all comes from the street for free.

I just got some river gravel and river sand from a friend who went hunting
for wild Rainbow Fish and having a little carpentry ability, some electrical
and mechanical ability enables a lot of my stuff to happen for next to
nothing. You sure so appreciate something when you have to make it yourself

I have a neat version coming out that's an external DIY with the

I can't wait for that one. I saw your post the other day mentioning it and
my palms got all sweaty

Give me a month or so.

I am a patient man. It'll be better the longer you have to develop it, I
figure. 1 month, 2 months, doesn't matter to moi - as long as it's
functional, practical and effective and you are happy with it.

Parting note: CO2 is critical if you use it, make sure you add enough,
most folks do not add enough and thus have algae problems for a long
time. Use your eyes if you cannot afford test kits etc, Riccia is a
good indicator plants for CO2.

I think most of my current plants will "show" me. I haven't had algae
problems up to now (touch wood), but I am getting two bridgesii type snails
tomorrow and today I found a LFS that plenty of real SAE's cheap. I am sure
I'll adapt and cope, but thanks for the heads up just the same. Much

I'll keep you informed as to what happens after the CO2 introduction. I am
hoping my pH will drop a degree from 7.8 to 6.8 actually, so I guess there
will be a few ways to know if the CO2 is enough or not.