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Jim Lewis
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On 21 Jan 2005 at 22:39, Mark Mantolfo wrote:


Was wondering what people's general thoughts were about using coir peat over
peat moss in soil mixes for Bonsai. I personally like to use a more
environmentally sustainable resource like coir peat, but understand it has a
neutral pH unsuitable for azaleas and other acid liking plants. Any
thoughts/experiences regarding this welcome.

Frankly, I don't care for either one. Coir (or all the
varieties I'm familiar with) decomposes rapidly in always-damp
bonsai soil, turning to a mush that clogs pores in the soil.

Peat, if present in any significant amount also can clog soil
pores; in addition, if allowed to dry out it becomes impervious
to water.

If acidity is your goal, chopped sphagnum moss is a better bet;
it promotes aeration and it also enhances the formation of
roots. The fresher it is the better.

Jim Lewis - - Tallahassee, FL - Who
harvests his own sphagnum from his little swampland.

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